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The Raweekanlaya Dining

Given its strategic location, Thailand (or the Kingdom of Siam as it was once known) had become an essential link in international trade during the reign of King Rama VI and maintained an active and diverse relationship with many countries. In line with the internationalization, the Thai cuisine evolved under the reigns of King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) and King Vajiravudh (Rama VI), with influx of western elements into the cuisine of the era. The Raweekanlaya Bangkok, being the house of the royal governess of King Rama VI, reminiscences into the transitional cuisines of the time and brings alive best of both western as well as Thai culinary experiences.

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The preparations at Raweekanlaya have been blissfully crafted, while placing a high emphasis on health and sustainability. The ingredients include healthy and natural ingredients like organic brown rice, sea salt and seasonal organic produce from small scale-farmers, thereby also supporting the local community. A number of products are sourced from international artisan producers, including the ones from Thailand.

The Raweekanlaya Dining strives to make your experience at Raweekanlaya truly personal and memorable. Guests are invited to pick the major ingredients from our organic garden, guided by our Chef and a special dish is prepared from the pick.

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